Welcome to Nine Grand a Year, a blog where I share the ins and outs of life at university!

I’m Cara; I’m a 20-something-year-old medical student currently doing an intercalated degree in psychology. When I was in high school, university is an exciting, new, alien world. Basically everything I knew about my life in the next five or so years came from official prospectuses (prospecti?!) and university websites; we all know how realistic those things are.


I know; I’m disappointed too.

With two years out of a planned six (terrifying) living away from my parents, trying not to burn anything down whilst cooking, and pretending I know how the human body works, I’m starting this blog to share my own experiences, round up some handy tips I’ve picked up, and generally give a slightly more personal (and hopefully realistic) perspective of uni than those prospectuses I picked up years ago.